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Our dedication to continuous product development and modern production methods ensures a quality end-product - a Bella boat. We have researched boat-building in various countries and are constantly involved in co-operating with designers as well as raw materials' and equipment suppliers. We utilise the best raw materials, equipment and accessories in our boats. Through close co-operation in various international projects we are able to ensure both high quality and an excellent price-quality ratio.

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Designed for you

With us, it's not the destination, it's the voyage. That is why we designed a pioneering hull structure that makes driving and travel more comfortable than ever, whatever the conditions. At the same time, we introduced the largest and most practical open deck spaces in their class. Your task is to focus on enjoying yourself.

Simple is beautiful. Not to mention practical

The Scandinavian design of the Flipper model range is entirely distinctive and not just skin-deep. The sleek hull, downward-sloping bow shape and polished details give the finishing touches to the essential: a boat designed according to a new way of thinking and made for enjoyment on the water. Careful finishing and the most durable and tested accessories guarantee unforgettable experiences – together or alone.

Designed by Espen Thorup, made in Finland.

A passion for boating<>

A warm July evening, the sea is calm. You step on board, the engine starts up and you set sail on the evening's adventure. You take in the landscape and smell the sea as the waves glitter in the light of the soon setting sun. At that moment, anything is possible, your worries are gone. It feels like time has stopped. Such dreams and passion for the sea are the lifeblood of Bella boats.

Bella’s story began in 1960, when a 12-year-old boy wanted to go sailing. The boy’s mother gave him 12 Finnish marks, which he used to buy plywood and lath to build a canoe. The craft was finished by the summer of 1960, and the boy’s attraction to water only kept growing. The name of that boy was Raimo Sonninen.

At the end of the 1960s, the Loviisa-based boat builder Carl Olof Wiik ordered a class E racing catamaran from Sonninen. As payment for the work, Sonninen received the Finnspeed 430 T boat’s moulds and basic raw materials. From these, he built a boat with a windshield for water-skiing and other leisure boating. This 430 T fibreglass boat entered production in 1970 and was christened Bella 430 T by Sonninen’s then-girlfriend. Bella Boats had been founded.

The first 23 boats were sold to Iisalmi and Kuopio. Sonninen kept boat number 24 for himself and even had the luxury of piloting it for a week, until studies called at Kuopio Polytechnic.


This is how “Rami’s” career as a boat builder began. There have been many twists and turns along the road since then. Bella Boats is currently one of the largest boat builders in Finland with three strong model ranges (Bella, Flipper and Aquador).


And the passion is still there. To us, the voyage is still the most important thing, in calm and storm.

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Aquador boats are manufactured at four state-of-the-art production plants in Finland by a process that uniquely blends the latest technology and advanced composites with traditional craftsmanship.

To ensure the quality and safety that consumers expect from Aquador, the latest CAD/CNC programs and equipment are utilised in a precisely monitored, line-production process that meets the world's most rigid standards.

Naturally, all boats are finished to perfection, thoroughly inspected and CE-certified before they leave the premises.

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