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Flash Cat 43

Discover all the pleasure that awaits you on board of our Flashcat 43, a ship that redefines power catamaran concept, transforming navigation in a new way of knowing luxury.

 Not only it's the first new generation multihull trawler made in Spain. It also has an innovative and modern design, a truly unique concept and an interior with all details, united to a smooth and docile navigation and an unbeatable quality-price relation provide a status that exceeds a mere high quality ship. It's a new and revolutionary way of understanding the sea for those who seek to enjoy life at maximum


Total length 13.20 m.
Hull length (P.E.R) 11.98 m.
Beam 5.75 m.
Maximum draught 1.15 m.
Movement 12,50 tn
Diesel motor from 170 to 350 h.p. 170 - 350 C.V. 2 (*)
transmission Ejes
Diesel capacity 1.400 lts.
Water capacity 600 lts.
Authorised person number 12
Baths 2-3
Cabins 4 double


43 1

43 2

43 3



Exterior and Deck

Exclusive multifunctional design of this power catamaran makes it an ideal boat for charter or fishing.

Its standard motor includes two new generation motors of 170 hp (up to 380 hp), with reduced consumption and extraordinary autonomy. It sails at cruiser speed between 16 to 20 knots, being able of a maximum speed of 27 knots, depending on chosen power.



All internal design of FlashCat 43 is designed to guarantee comfort and pleasure at maximum, having a space perfectly detailed: comfortable seats, spaciousness and possibility of customizing interior details (floor, carpentry, furniture, etc…). Hall has a unique visibility, due to the large windows that sorround it, together with completely brightness, that make this room a warm space for relax on sea.



FlashCat 43 distibution is completely customizable and each unit can be modified: Ship can have from two to four cabins and from two to three bathrooms. Furniture colour, carpeting and hull are also customizable to shipowner's choice. We can offer different options or, if you want, design it as you wish.


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